Site Auditing

Did your rankings fall off a cliff? Have you triggered a Google penalty? Are you launching a new site or conducting a redesign and need a professional review? We can help!

Schedule a professional Site Audit or Google Penalty Audit and give your website the very best chance it can to rank competitively. Get a phone consultation, a detailed email audit, and two weeks follow-up assistance. Click here for more details.

Link Building

Links are the currency of the Internet. Just like the right links can propel a site to the top of Google & Bing, the wrong links can tank your rankings, traffic, and bottom line. Do you know the difference?

Our link building campaigns are tailored to your needs and are high-quality, niche-related and provide ranking authority. Don't waste your time with comment links, second-tier social bookmarking, or low-quality directory links. Get links that will move your site.

Social Marketing

Do you need help with Twitter, Facebook, or other social media accounts? How about your blog content? Would you like to publish link bait type content that pulls in links, traffic, and social signals in the thousands?

From big brands to single owner websites, we've managed social media campaigns the world over. We can generate buzz, build up your follower base, and publish content that CONNECTS with your target audience!


Why Choose MediaWyse?

Because Media Wyse concentrates on small to medium-sized businesses and takes on only a very limited number of new clients each month, our service is unparalleled. Even better, we make it a practice NEVER to take on more than one client operating in the same niche at any one time. The result: 100% dedication to making YOU the market leader in that niche.

Run by noted SEO speaker, writer, and trainer Casey Markee, Media Wyse is not your "normal" SEO firm. We don’t require long-term contracts, will gladly tell you up-front what we can and cannot do for you, and we keep you updated every step of the way. Your success is our success. And we're pretty darn successful!

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