Social Marketing

smo-explainedDo you have a Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter account that is struggling to garner an audience? Are you just not “getting” this whole social media thing and having issues updating the accounts regularly? Do you keep thinking that we need to be more social but are lost on how to start? We can help!

Here is a small list of services we can assist you with today!

  • Twitter, Facebook & Google Plus Account Management
  • WordPress Blog Auditing and Optimization
  • Link Bait Content Creation & Promotion
  • Facebook & Twitter Ad Consulting
  • General Social Media Consulting

Here at Media Wyse we’ve been managing the social media accounts of companies for years and know what kind of content will resonate with your audience and what best practices work to build that audience. More than that though, we know the secret sauce of garnering “buzz” with your brand and services online: content!

Our link bait creation and promotion services are second-to-none and we can use them to generate thousands of visitors, hundreds of social signals, and dozens of links during any specific campaign. Why is this important?

Because link bait type content is the FASTEST WAY to generate what are called “Freshness Boosts” with Google. These “Freshness Boosts” especially with regard to blog-specific content, lead to increased engagement signals which can single-handedly push up other content on a root domain algorithmically, resulting in higher rankings.


We know how to write up content that pulls in traffic and signals by the hundreds. Check out these recent examples:

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12 Unbelievable Courtroom Moments Caught on Tape

13 Bizarre Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Top 15 Car Crashes from the Simpsons

18 Marketing Sites Every Business Should Bookmark

It’s not enough to put up quality content on your site. EVERYONE is doing that! You also need to promote it. We do the heavy lifting for you: write up the content, optimize it, and use power users to promote it effectively online. You just sit back and enjoy the benefits.

If you are interested in more information on our SMO management services please contact us for a quote!