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Hello SEO peeps, friends of Casey, fellow Crossfitters, comic book geeks and all the ex-girlfriends currently Googling me. I’m still getting the blog in order but here is a first post so we can test functionality.

We are currently doing some BETA testing so if you notice something that should be addressed, have a suggestion, or a criticism, or just want to say hi, drop us a note in the comments below.

In the meantime, check-back regularly for musings on everything Casey including the following:

  • Latest Google Algorithmic updates, news, and strategies you should be aware
  • Personal musings on social media, link building, digital marketing, and other nonsense
  • The occasional CrossFit or pop culture rant, I’ve been told I’m pretty critical, who knew?
  • Posts on what I had for dinner, I get that question a lot (not kidding).
  • Information on where you can see me in person or how to sign-up for SEO training
  • Guest blog posts by others in the industry or just regular people I find cool.

Random thought of the day: rent and watch the movie Another Earth. It’s a small art house independent film by Fox Searchlight starring Brit Marling that was released in 2011.

Fantastic allegory on loss, struggle, forgiveness, and hope. Oh, and it involves a DUPLICATED EARTH that suddenly appears in our sky (suspend scientific disbelief please) so that’s pure awesome sauce right there.

Stay tuned and subscribe to the RSS feed. I’m a lot of things, boring is not one of them.